Business incorporation


World People USA, Inc. assists entrepreneurs who are considering starting a business in the U.S. with our “Business Incorporation and Registration Service.”  The business formation process can be complicated and involves numerous tasks and documents, such as a business name availability search, filing of documents with the appropriate government agencies (federal, state, and local), obtaining business identification numbers, securing a business license, drafting of initial board of directors meeting minutes and resolutions, issuance of stock certificates, and others.


Moreover, when selecting a form of business entity, an essential step in business formation, it is important that an entrepreneur first fully comprehends the business’ tax strategy and extent of the owner’s responsibility for its debts, and then chooses the form that best suits his or her objectives.  It can be said that, in setting up a business in the U.S., one should give particular attention to his or her liability for the debts of the business.


World People USA, Inc. will take into account all of the foregoing and set up your business in America for you, not only by establishing your business entity but also by providing pre-formation consulting—with courtesy and speed.  Rest assured that, in utilizing World People USA, Inc.’s expert service, you will smooth the road to bringing your business dreams to fruition.


1. Pre-formation consultation

  • Explanation of process leading up to business inception
  • Understanding of client’s new business, nature of their services, amount of investment, prospective owner’s business experience, goals and visa status etc.
  • Explanation of characteristics of possible forms of business entities and subsequent selection of appropriate entity
  • Confirmation of business name, stockholders, number of directors, general meeting of stockholders, fiscal year, extent of responsibility to business owner, tax strategy, etc.
  • Verification of eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Confirmation of initial business plan.


2. Business Incorporation and Registration

Preparation of Business Registration Package (“Corporate Kit”):

  • Business Name Availability Search
  • Drafting and Filing of Articles of Incorporation
  • Preparation of By-Laws
  • Preparation of Initial Meeting Minutes/Resolution
  • Issuance of Stock Certificate(s)
  • Stock transfer Ledger
  • Corporate Record Book with Goldstamped of Name
  • High-qualify Corporate Seal


Securing of Identification Numbers from Federal and State Governments

  • Federal Tax I.D. Number
  • State I.D. Number
  • IRS “S” Corporation application with instructions, if applicable.


3. Business License & Statement of Information

  • Fee varies in each city and with the nature of the business. Accordingly this fee is not included in the basic service fee.


4. Corporate Bank Account Establishment



Time to complete

3 to 5 weeks