Business plan

アメリカ起業 英文ビジネスプラン作成

Whether you are securing funding for your business, applying for a U.S. investor (“E”) visa or planning for business expansion, a formal and compelling business plan is a must. Business clearly written from the perspective of the audience will increase your chances of accomplishing your goals.

What makes us different

We work with an experienced CPA as well as lawyers to cover essential information your intended audiences are looking for in your business plan.

  • For clients applying for E visa, an immigration lawyer, who is our partner, includes factors and data advantageous for the visa.
  • We help you conduct thorough consultation and market research in your specific industry before creating your business plan.
  • Our customized business plans include a wealth of photos, diagrams and graphs; for example, a five-year financial statement and organization chart.



Business plans we have created

We have created business plans for a wide range of industries and businesses, including but not limited to:

  • Film industry: movie directors, camera crews, actors
  • Information technology
  • Real estate investing
  • Business consulting
  • Employment agencies
  • Human resources
  • Restaurants / cafes




Nature of Service

This service is available in either Japanese or English. Our Business plan service includes:
1) Initial consultation
2) Market survey
3) Compilation and drafting of the business plan.



Business plan structure

*Content and structure may differ depending on the specific business.

I. Executive Summary
II. Company Overview

  • Mission Statement
  • Corporation Goals and Objectives
II. Industry

  • History
  • Market
IV. Company Description

  • Basic Information
  • Products & Services
  • Organization Chart
V. SWOT Analysis

  • Business Environment
  • Company Strategy
VI. Forecasting and Budgeting



Time to complete

Approximately 1 month