Business consulting


Entrepreneurship is fun and rewarding experience, but it comes with an array of challenges, ranging from obvious ones such as time management, cash flow management, funding, HR-related issues, marketing and sales activities, to more psychological ones such as staying motivated as well as coping with stress and loneliness. Because entrepreneurs must deal with all aspects of business operations, it could be overwhelming and even more costly to do everything on your own.


As a “one-stop shop for entrepreneurs,” World People offers services, resources and all network of connections you need to accelerate your success in business, avoid costly mistakes or recover from losses as quickly as possible.


Because the owner of World People is originally from Japan and has ties with many Japanese businesses, we can also help American businesses enter the Japanese market.


Topics we can cover

Initial business set-up consulting

  • Site selection
  • Telephone, Fax, Internet connection
  • Video conference / webinar setup
  • Secretarial service selection
  • Office furniture setup
Legal, Accounting, Human Resources
  • Business bank account
  • Insurance (business, medical, automobile)
  • Accounting, payroll
  • Working visa


Marketing consulting

Marketing Plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Target segment
  • Identification of company strengths, Industry positioning
Client Development
Marketing and Advertising Media/Methods
  • Graphic design for marketing materials (business cards, logo, brochures and catalogues)
  • Online marketing (website, social media, newsletters)
  • Direct mail
  • Networking
Basic Entrepreneurship: Brand Building, Client Development


Other areas we can cover:

  • Familiarization with the Business Start-up Process
  • “Nuts and Bolts” of Starting a Business
  • Business Investment
  • Marketing and sales
  • Mindset that will help you succeed
  • Conducting business in Japan